Things that don’t take as long as you think

I can be a pretty lazy person.  Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to doing my homework back in my school days or doing my job in the present, I am super diligent and efficient – I get things done.  Buuuut when it comes to my personal life, I can probably be less of a couch potato.  One of the deadly sins I have is definitely laziness, and it’s this annoying little voice in my head that goes, “Ugh,” a lot and tries to convince me, quite easily, that some things will take too much of my time, so it’s better for me to just lounge around doing nothing instead.  Yeah, it really makes no sense, but we lazy people will take any excuse we can get!

Here are some things I found really don’t take as much time as I make myself believe they do:

  • Showering – After a long day at work, I want to use the rest of my time winding down.  Every hour in the night is precious time for me that I do not want to waste when I could be watching TV (haaa) or squeezing in some reading (better).  I’m not a morning person, so trying to shower before work is just not going to happen; I have no choice but to do so at night.  It’s really ridiculous dreading this because showering only takes, like what, 15 minutes?  Yet without fail, every night, I think to myself, “Ugh, but I have to undress, then shower, then dress, then dry my hair, why is life so hard,” but the shower itself is actually pretty pleasant.  It’s nice to wash away the dirt and grit of the day, and I feel very clean and calm afterwards.
  • Face masks – I don’t have the best skin, so I should really be taking care of myself better, but I don’t really like doing face masks.  I think there are a couple reasons besides laziness, to be honest. For example, when it comes to mud masks, I don’t like dipping my fingers into the pot and getting the gunk stuck under my nails and then in my hair after application. It does not feel pleasant.  When it comes to sheet masks, they’re so drenched in the stuff that they’re uncomfortable and I feel the liquid just sliding down my face and getting everywhere.  And they’re sticky!  Also, sheet masks are hard to put on – they never fit quite right.  What makes this all worse is that I am almost blind without my glasses so I can’t do much when I have face masks on. Anyway, I try to lie down and relax while listening to music or something.  It can be boring, but it can also be very relaxing.  Afterwards, I feel refreshed and happier.  It’s nice to take care of yourself!  And it really only takes twenty minutes.
  • Walking my dog – This isn’t actually a big problem.  I do walk him often and enjoy doing so.  For example, when I get off work early, I always take him for a nice walk. I love my dog, I love fresh air, and I love walking, but I don’t always want to walk my dog.  It’s a nice twenty minutes to half an hour spent outdoors with my adorable fluffy friend, so I feel very refreshed afterwards and seeing him happy makes me happy.  It’s just that there are occasional lazy moments that keep me leashed indoors.  C’mon, Annie, it’s just 20 to 30 minutes, get up off your lazy ass.
  • Taking off nail polish – This is truly a stupid one.  Some people can’t stand chipped nails and take off the nail polish immediately when it shows sign of wear, but I just think, “Eh, it’s fine.  It’ll just grow out or chip off completely.”  I wear nail polish frequently, too, but I only actually take off nail polish if I’m going to paint them over right then and there or I’m feeling particularly active or irritated by the wear.  It’s not hard, right? You just get a cotton ball, drench it in remover, and wipe off the nail polish. Why does it seem like it would take so much longer?
  • Putting on makeup – Actually, makeup for some girls definitely takes a good amount of time. All I do is CC cream, powder, eyebrows, and lips.  It’s pretty straightforward, really, and takes maybe ten to fifteen minutes in the morning, but I still dread it and rush it because I find it a waste of time.  At the same time, I don’t want to look like the lazy bum I am inside, so I just do the basics and go off to work.

Now it sounds like I’m whining about dumb, small stuff, so I shall stop, but the basic gist of it all is, none of these things actually take as much time as I think to myself, and this is a sign of how laziness brainwashes you into being indolent.  Even my explanations for why I don’t want to do these things despite the short amount of time they take up sound like lame excuses.  I think realizing and accepting this is the first key to becoming less of a lazy bum and more of an active go-getter.  All the little things establish habits and a lifestyle dominate me and my life, so they might seem petty, but they speak to something greater, and I’m going to try to work on them from hereon.

Time is precious!  Thanks for reading this! Now get up and do something that will make you feel even better about yourself!



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