A writing tip from ‘Bridesmaids’

Was binging on Youtube to avoid doing work (as usual) and I came across a ‘Bridesmaids’ extended cut scene of the Jewelry Store argument. I was surprised to find that it was mostly improvised… and that it ran for so long. Actors Kristen Wig and Mia Rose Frampton made so many digs at each other, it all added up to 10 minutes.

One of my favorite tangents at 4:28.

“You look like an old mop.”
“You look like a little broom with long bristles.”
“Everybody likes long bristles, they work better.”
“Well you look like a Swiffer.”
“Swiffers are the best, they’re better than the old mops, haven’t you seen the commercials.”
“Yeah I have, they’re flat and they roll around and they don’t do anything.”
“Yes they do, they can spray water too.”

It’s so stupid, it’s gold. The most beautiful bitch fest I’ve ever seen.

Now that I watch the official version, it makes me sad that they had to cut out so many great moments. But I understand that they couldn’t include all of it in the movie and I appreciate what they settled with in the end. I like comparing the two though because it’s amazing to see all the ideas that the actors started out with and what the editors took from that.

It’s a good reminder for those of us in the creative field (whether it’s film, writing, or art) that you’re going to brainstorm some great ideas, but they won’t all make it to the final cut. Still, it’s worth working through every single idea, just to see what comes forth from it. And it’s always better if you can have a lot of fun with the whole process.

Right now, as I’m writing up a short story for my class, I’m trying to remember to do just that: to enjoy writing my drafts rather than just trying to create a final draft right away.

A big part of me is anxious to get this assignment over with because I don’t like having to think about it for too long. I get stressed too easily when it comes to stories. These past few days have just been filled with emergency at-home yoga sessions and breathing exercises just to get me through a night of writing at the computer.

At the same time, if I really care about a story I write, I’m not satisfied if I don’t do my very best with it. This story happens to be one I’m starting to really care about. But I don’t want to get caught up in the idea of making sure to write something amazing. I just want to do my best and to keep trying, even if it means writing out scenes and ideas that I don’t think will make the final cut. Because in the end, omitting something doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth trying out. And sometimes maybe you need to ramble a bit to get where you really want–like how Wig and Frampton had to bicker about being strippers and mops to get to the boob talk and popularity talk that made the final cut.


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