Happy Thanksgiving! Eunice Appreciation Post!

Hey!  It’s Thanksgiving AND it’s my good friend Eunice’s birthday!  Despite all the negativity this year, I’ve been trying to focus on the things I am thankful for as the holiday nears, and I figured a good way to do this might be to show appreciation for my friend and partner and confidante, Eunice, as it is also her birthday!

Here are the reasons I am thankful for Eunice:

1 – This adorable face makes me smile:



I see no difference! I’ve started doing it, as well, too without my knowing. It’s contagious!

2 – She has all the patience in the world for my rants, poor thing.



Normal people by now:




3 – She edits my incoherent rambles and trusts me to do the same for her coherent ones.


4 – And together, we agree…


5 – But we keep trying with skits together anyway!

No one else ask us to edit your papers!

6 – She introduced me to the limitless world of YouTube o_o Thank you for introducing me to communitychannel, HISHE, Cinema Sins, and Honest Trailers, by god.


7 – We are both judgmental about the same things 😀


8 – And we both rave about the same things 😀


We can eat this all day together! This or Panera Bread!

9 – She truly taught me to love the magic of gifs.


So fabulous!

10 – More than anything, she is there for me and supportive of me no matter how irritating I can get, and I like that Eu and I (get it??) can talk everything out and be honest with each other 🙂 Happy birthday, Eunice, and happy Thanksgiving, all!


Gobble gobble!


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving! Eunice Appreciation Post!

  1. eunitato says:

    Awwww Annie!!! ❤ This was so sweet and so uplifting for me to read while I'm currently stress-panicking about an assignment due tomorrow (on Thanksgiving… and my birthday! Ugh). I love you and I'm so thankful to have you for a writing/YouTube/blog partner, random rant buddy, and a close friend. Thank you for this post! Happy Thanksgiving!


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