Things that annoy me about public bathrooms

After years working at a corporate office, it’s amazing the things I’ve witnessed when using public bathrooms. You learn that things aren’t as cut and dry as you thought they were all your life – that common sense might not be so common, after all. Of course who’s really to say what’s truly socially unacceptable and what’s the norm? Regardless, here are a few things that annoy me or just befuddle me when using public bathrooms! (Warning: it might be a bit gross but oh wells!)

When people immediately go right to the handicapped stall.

Unless you’re actually handicapped, old, overweight, with child, literally there with a child, or completely disgusted by all the other stalls because people can’t practice common hygiene (which does happen), you should not be going in the handicapped bathroom. That’s just rude and clearly not what that stall is for. Do you think it’s a luxurious suite for your bottom? You don’t know how many skinny ass, young, perfectly healthy girls I see prancing to the stall without even looking at the others.


When people talk on their phones in the stall.

Excuse me, that is a bathroom stall, not a phone booth.  It’s weird to me that you’re there either urinating or defecating while talking on the phone like the person on the other line doesn’t mind going through the process with you. You might be in a separate stall, but I consider the whole bathroom to be a sort of private space… That’s just inconsiderate for other people – not to mention it’s just really plain, outright weird as hell.
They be like…
You be like…


When people do not clean up after themselves.

Okay, I mentioned this in the first point: people do not practice common hygiene. You’d think that they’d look after they use the toilet to make sure the seat is fine, but nope, sometimes there are droplets of piss, pubic hair, and even… dare I say it, yes… period stains. Public bathrooms have got to be absolute hell and the worst nightmares for people with OCD because even for someone like myself, and I don’t even consider myself that cleanly (or at least I didn’t until I saw all this happening), this is just nasty.


When people don’t get the hint and won’t leave the bathroom.

They might not care, but if I’m sitting in silence in the stall, I’m clearly waiting to have the room to myself so I could poop in peace. They might not mind being there for it (maybe they’ll even pull out the phone so all three of us could enjoy the magical moment together like the Charmed ones or something), but I mind. Please leave. Stop checking yourself out in the mirror. Sometimes I have my phone on me so I’m up for the challenge, but other times, if it’s urgent business, ya know, we’re all human but some of us don’t want to make a show of it. Maybe we can put some system into play…


When people peeing sounds like a waterfall.

Okay, to be completely honest, this isn’t a pet peeve about public bathrooms. This doesn’t bother me; it’s just an observation I’d like to bring up. Has anyone noticed this before? Some people sound like Niagara Falls when they’re peeing. It fascinates me more than anything. I don’t think it’s gross, I just wonder how this could be… Guess it’ll just be another mystery of life.

When people do not know how to flush.

We do not want to see the present you left behind. It’s really not hard to flush it and make sure everything goes down. Flush it twice if you have to. I know it’s gross when the water flushes too strongly so it might splatter on yourself, but let’s not be selfish. Please flush. Even this cute cat can do it.


And of course some people might complain about lack of toilet paper and all, but I actually never really encountered that in public bathrooms. The ones I’ve gone to have done pretty good jobs stocking up, anyway. But what problems have you encountered when using public bathrooms? Let me know below!




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