Last Friday, I went on a weekend getaway with Eunice and Sachi! The three of us drove over there and checked into our cute B&B, which actually looked really sketchy from the outside and seemed more like an airbnb, but was still very cute and comfortable on the inside. Tinker Street, which is considered the main downtown of Woodstock, was really close by so we checked it out. Surprisingly, most of the shops were closed. It turns out that because we visited off season there were both ups and downs. The ups include that no matter what restaurant we went to, there were plenty of seats and it wasn’t very crowded anywhere. The downs include that the weather wasn’t the best, the place we were staying at was dark and sketchy whenever we came back from a night out, and store hours were limited.

Our impromptu photo shoot around the b&b

That first night, we ate at Shindig, which was a small but cute restaurant, and guess what, it was snowing outside. Yup! Not heavily or anything like that, but it was still snowing. We had burgers and “tinker tots” then went back home to rest. The next day, we ate at Oriole 9 which was a very cute restaurant! It’s set back from the street and we were seated at a lovely corner booth with a lot of comfy pillows. Their brunch was scrumptious! Afterwards, we headed to all of the stores to look for souvenirs, gifts, and more. We got rings, candles, and cupcakes from the well-known Peace, Love, and Cupcakes!

Definitely stop by Golden Notebook; Bread Alone; and Peace, Love, and Cupcake!

We walked around a lot. We then had dinner at Joshua’s. We were upstairs, right by the huge windows which offered a pleasant view. The meal was quite nice, although the coconut curry chicken I got was way spicier than expected!


Us at Joshua’s!

The final day, we had probably the best meal ever at Garden Cafe. Firstly, the day was beautiful so we finally got to dress up. We wore florals and dresses and sat by the window of Garden Cafe, which offered a view of the entire, quaint town. It’s an entirely vegan restaurant, which intrigued me because I’m not vegan in the least, but the food here was, lit-erally (think Chris from Parks & Rec), the best ever. I’ve had very few veggie burgers that met my expectations, but this was a vegan burger, and one of the best I ever had. It was so good, and the potatoes served as great side dishes in place of the unhealthy fries. Eunice and Sachi likewise greatly enjoyed their meals (mushroom panini and french toast respectively).


Cuties at Garden Cafe!

On this last day, we finally got to go to the Buddhist temple up in the mountains, and it was gorgeous! Admittedly, it was small, so there wasn’t that much to do there, but we were all in awe of the beautiful, bright colors and gold interior. It was very pretty and the weather was nice. We then went back to town to get smoothies and walk around a bit more before leaving.



Overall, it was a very nice trip and getaway. It felt a lot longer than a weekend and I’ve been sick this week probably from lack of sleep and all that, but it was worth it. Everybody there was incredibly friendly and everything there was just cute and relaxing. I bet it’d be more fun when it’s not the off season because there’d be more people, great weather, and more festivities, but we all had a good time. I think a weekend is the perfect amount of time to set aside to enjoy your stay there.

We did capture some videos and will be working on a vlog to post on our YouTube channel so keep an eye out or subscribe to get the notification!


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