Did y’all have a good 4th of July weekend?

So let me update you on what I’ve been doing lately! I had very busy five days, but I loved every single minute of it.

To be honest, my life isn’t that exciting so to have five days in a row where I was busy doing stuff I don’t normally do was ah-maz-ing!

paint.jpgFirstly, I was the maid of honor for the very first time. I had never been in a bridal party before, and it was actually my second wedding (not counting ones I’ve been to when I was way too young to remember), so it was exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. The bachelorette party was on Saturday. We took the bride, my oldest and dearest friend whom I have known since I was nine, to a paint & sip event. It was very laid-back and fun, and it was nice that we got to each take back our own masterpiece. She loved it! She’s an artist, so she was ecstatic to do something she loves with the people she loves. I was very relieved. After that, we had a nice dinner with more wine, then went our separate ways because dun dun DUN, the wedding was tomorrow!

So Sunday morning, I woke up early, did my makeup, then was the last bridesmaid to be picked up by the limo. It was about a two-hour drive to the venue with a driver we thought was nice at first but turned out to be awkward and super unprofessional. We met up with the bride, helped her do some last-minute things and get dressed, then took some pictures both personal and professional.liza&me.jpgThe day was beautiful, which was awesome because it was an outdoor wedding. The whole setup and ceremony were so breathtaking, I definitely got teary-eyed on more than one occasion. Again, everything was really laid back! The bridesmaids just walked to position then followed the bride out when it was all over. We headed to cocktail hour, then the reception.

I was very nervous about making my toast as the maid of honor. Honestly, I’m fine with public speaking because I love to talk and honestly think I love to hear myself talk, but this felt different because it was on a very personal level with lots of emotions involved. It went fine, thank goodness! I got a bit emotional giving the speech, too, and so did the bride. The other toasts were lovely–mixing humor and sweetness. Then there was the first dance which definitely made me choke up a bit. It was all very fun and exciting. The bridesmaids were really nice; even though I only met them the day before, we naturally got along like we’d always been friends. A few of us headed back to a hotel room we rented together and slept.


The next morning, I came back home, and immediately got ready for my 4th of July vacay with my family (including Coco)! We packed up the car and drove to Virginia, which took a little over four hours. Our uncle lives in a quiet neighborhood there with his wife, and we were staying at their house for a few days. It was overall really nice just to get away from home and spend time with family. I think I needed it a lot more than I realized. Something about three days and two nights away is very nice–it’s a mini-vacay that is fun enough but not too draining. We viewed the Potomac River, had a karaoke night at the house, and basically stuffed our faces so much I definitely need to work out now that I’m home.

I’m back and feeling recharged and well and happy, baby! Yea!

How was your 4th of July?


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