My go-to breakfasts–and I loooove breakfast

I’m a really huge lover of all things cozy, and so breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. There’s something hearty and filling about the meal. Even though most people skip breakfast, I cannot. I love starting off the day with a warm meal, so I thought I would share with you all of the different breakfasts I have–most of them are quite simple and easy, and they do not take too long. And of course I am not talking about really easy food like cereal or oatmeal. And definitely not hard ones like the picture above (sorry if it’s misleading but omg it just looks so good I had to use it).

All right, let’s eat!

  • Banana pancakes — a newer discovery; it isn’t the most convenient, but it is still yummy and healthy. You only need 3 ingredients or so: one banana, one egg, a pinch of baking soda. This will make one sizable pancake. Just add more of each if you want to make more! Of course you can add more to it if you’d like, but I just opt for the simpler one. I like to add honey rather than maple syrup to it.

I tried the easy banana pancakes ^^ yum, a success!!

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  • Buttered English muffins w/ scrambled eggs — mm-mm-mm. I love English muffins. They’re really convenient. Just slice it in half (from the side, not from the top of course), and toast it. Butter it up and make some scrambled eggs (eggs, salt, and a bit of milk). I like to put the eggs on top of the buttered English muffins one-by-one and eat them together. You can top the scrambled eggs with pepper or cheese, like parmesan, but if it’s the latter, I haven’t tried putting it on top of the English muffins.

My upgraded #breakfast

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  • English muffins w/ peanut butter — Toast an English muffin after halving it and put on peanut butter. So simple. It’s so simple I have no picture of it.
  • Greek yogurt w/ cereal — If you’re bored of regular cereal, get those huge containers of greek yogurt, put some in a bowl, and cover it with as much cereal as you desire. So good.

#breakfast #cereal #greekyogurt #healthy hahaha

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  • Toast with egg in hole — This is a bit harder for me to perfect than it was for my sister, who introduced it to me (but refused to teach me how to make), but it’s still very easy. It just doesn’t look as pretty when I do it… Use any good-sized cup to press down onto a piece of bread so you can cut out a circle from the middle. Butter up a pan and place both pieces in it for buttered toast. Now crack an egg and put it into the hole. Salt and pepper it. Flip over. Don’t overcook it because the key is to have the yolk nice and runny when you cut into the toast to drench the bread.

#breakfast 🍳🍞🍽

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  • Toast with guacamole and egg — I love the individually packaged guacamole! They’re so convenient because guacamole browns so quickly. Put a slice of bread in the toaster, put guacamole on top, then cook one egg however you like (sunny side up, over easy, even scrambled if you really prefer that). Place that over the guacamole on the toast. Ta-da!

Yummm . . . #breakfast #brunch #toast #fruits #yum #coffee

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  • Buttered toast w/ scrambled eggs — If you don’t have English muffins, do the same thing with toast. I usually eat two slices of bread and like to cut them diagonally and place the scrambled egg in the center with the toast pieces surrounding it. Just for better aesthetics. Again, you can put pepper or cheese on the scrambled eggs–whatever you’re in the mood for! If you wanna get fancy and you have some handy, add some lox to the scrambled eggs.

Why go out for #brunch when you can make your own!

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  • Spinach cheese omelette — Harder to explain… Throw some spinach into a pan until it gets soggy. In another pan, put in an egg mixture (same one used for scrambled eggs) and let it cook, gently pushing in the edges to spread around the egg more to cook it evenly. You can do this two ways: 1) add spinach then cheese before closing the omelette, or 2) add spinach, close omelette, place cheese slices on top, place a cover on it for a bit until the cheese melts. I don’t do this often, especially before work, but it’s definitely yummy when you have more time, like on the weekends! Of course an omelette is an omelette so you can really add whatever you like to it. I just tried this one so far. Sometimes I get frozen sausages and hash browns and add them. You can also add fruits to any of them, of course.

This ruined Instagram moment brought to you by ketchup

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Basically I love bread and eggs… so this might not be right for someone like, let’s say, Eunice! xD haha sorry, my friend.

Everyone else, enjoy! If you have any questions let me know below.


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