Beware: Construction Ahead

I feel like all my life, I’ve been surrounded by construction.

Okay, yes, I’m being a bit dramatic. Obviously, not my whole entire life, and construction is generally a big part of everyone’s life, but seriously, starting in high school, it kept following me everywhere. My high school decided to undergo a drastic change, so half of the school was always in construction. Luckily, I enjoyed freshman year without the mess, and it finished by senior year, so I could enjoy the new perks of the renovated building. Then I went to college… and again, I was able to enjoy freshman year, but then a building on campus underwent heavy construction. Or were they building something? I don’t remember exactly, but again, the construction fences were up, machines were whirring loudly, and everything looked like a mess. And then yet again, by senior year, it was all done, and there was a nice new building for me to enjoy.

Then even at my various places of work, construction was a-happenin’. And I was like, “Ugh, again?!” It doesn’t quite annoy me to an unbearable degree; it’s more like a little pebble in the shoe that is uncomfortable but not too painful. Even at my current office, the bathroom right outside the door is unusable, and I keep hearing big thumps or drilling that surprises me. I have to keep taking the elevator to different floors to use the bathroom–and as someone who’s been working hard on hydrating herself and also needs to pee a lot from coffee or tea, this is super inconvenient. At least I’m getting a bit of exercise here and there, right?

But seriously, this makes me wonder if I’m meant to be haunted by construction wherever I go for the rest of my life. There’s no escape. The world just keeps on improving itself. Maybe it’s a symbol of my life. Am I still in the construction phase?

Warning: work in progress!


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