Time to stop being a bitch

My therapist told me that I've been acting bossy lately. Bossy and judgmental. And you know that's not a good sign--when your own therapist has to tell you to siddown and shut the fuck up. Honestly, I think this was her way of putting things nicely. "Bossy" and "judgmental" are pretty obvious code words to … Continue reading Time to stop being a bitch


be grateful

because, of course, it's Thanksgiving this week! I, yet again, get the Thanksgiving post responsibility this year, and I don't mind one bit. It is my favorite holiday of the year, after all. Mostly it's because I like to stuff my face... I think out of the seven sins, I'm guiltiest of glutton. But also, … Continue reading be grateful

November Notes

I was originally too lazy to post my Monthly Notes update and was going to ramble about something else instead. But then I saw my role model and idol Marzia-samallamasamasan post an October update with such ease, that I decided that I should properly say goodbye to October as well, and get my Monthly Note challenge … Continue reading November Notes