Suspense me! Thrill me, dammit!

So these days, for some reason (maybe it's the weather or my recent moods?), I've been really into the suspense thriller genre of stories. I think I just want to sit down with a good novel like The Girl on the Train and inject some excitement into my life. It could also be because I … Continue reading Suspense me! Thrill me, dammit!


October Notes

My first attempt at this Monthly Notes challenge resulted in varying levels of success... possibly more failure than success. But I'm still pretty happy about it, so this is going to be a surprisingly positive post. Weird, since I'm so used to only expressing sadness, disappointment, and anxiety in my writing. (My shit must be fun … Continue reading October Notes

September Notes

Throughout my past couple of entries, I keep expressing a concern for self-control. I'm worried about how I'm spending my time, about who I'm spending that time with, and about what kind of person I'm becoming. Above all, I'm worried about the state of my writing. I'm worried that it's decaying while I spend my … Continue reading September Notes